Support for EU citizens in the 

South Moravian Region

Are you a citizen of the European Union? Would you like to learn Czech? Are you dealing with residency requirements, authorities, housing issues, insurance, social benefits, schools, etc.? 

We can help you.

Our goal is to make the Czech Republic a pleasant and friendly place for you to live in and establish a new home. We offer Czech language courses free of charge. The courses are provided in two forms: traditional on-site courses and intensive grammar courses. We also offer consultation in social, official, financial and other matters also free of charge.

News and invitations...

We would like to invite you to the VIDA! Open for Foreigners event which we organize in cooperation with the VIDA science center! 👩‍🔬

The event will take place on 23rd May from 15- 18 pm!
If you want to attend the event, you need to register at this link:

Summer camps are designed for children who attend the first grade of elementary school up to the students of the 3rd year of secondary school!
Communicative knowledge of Czech and English is needed. Price for camp is 2 600 CZK. 
Find out more at: 

Support for EU citizens in the South Moravian Region

Registration into the project

Conditions of registration

The condition for your registration is, that you must be a citizen of EU state, or have any type of residence of a Member State of the European Union or the EEA